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Dee DiGioia

One Caring and Courageous Choice at a Time and DVD

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As a speech-language therapist I saw too many of my students being negatively impacted as targets of bullying, and too many students joining in or standing by not knowing what to do in the elementary school where I taught. Unfortunately, too many adults were not effectively responding. I have a dream that one by one, family by family, classroom by classroom people will become inspired to stand up to bullying, while contributing to a more compassionate culture, one caring and courageous choice at a time. My movie "Which Team Will You Choose?" which is included with the purchase of this Guidebook, are tools to help each of us feel that there are things within our control to help break the cycle of bullying to feel safer and happier in our homes and schools.

This is a great complement to any existing bullying prevention program in schools or a spark to get one going. It is a great way for families to practice skills together to become Champions of Bucket-filling!

""One Caring and Courageous Choice at a Time" is a must buy program for any school, church, residential treatment program or organization that works with children. This book is the "teacher's edition" for the film, "Which Team Will You Choose?" (included with the book) which was produced, written and directed by Ms. DiGioia. "Which Team Will You Choose?" demonstrates what it takes to Flip the Dip which means to go from bullying (Bucket Dipping) to true friendship (Bucket Filling). The direction is crisp, the script is clear, the acting is wonderful and the kids are adorable. I was moved to tears of compassion on more than one occasion. This film needs to be shown in every school in North America and beyond. It is truly a program that moves kids from being Bucket Dippers to being Bucket Fillers and Hurray for that. I would to love to see a couple of sequels for Middle School and High School aged students." ~Ray Erickson--Author of Ten Tips to Tame Your Teen, Strategies That Work!

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