Introduction by Barry M. Prizant

In Our Own Words

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Community Autism Resources in Providence, Rhode Island, asked brothers and sisters from the families they serve to write about their experiences with their siblings with autism.

In the pages that follow, brothers and sisters from ages 7 to 13, express their love as well as their disappointment, and how impossible it is to live with their brothers and sisters, and how they can't imagine living without them. They share the good times and the bad times, the public embarrassment and the private sense of pride, and how their brother or sister in unlike anybody else, and at the same time, just like any other brother or sister.

Their concern for their brother or sister, and the lessons they have learned and are continuing to learn infuses each of the stories with lessons for all of us.

Ages 12-up. 32 pages. 1997

Catalog # 10964

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