Kate Divine McAnaney

I Wish. Second edition

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"There are days when I would feel that I was 'crazy' if not for your book," says a parent in California.

An official in Washington, DC commented: "This book is a goldmine of thoughtful and inspiring perspectives on the challenges and joys that parents of children with disabilities face in life and serves as a valuable guide to those seeking to understand the needs and aspirations of others."

This little book of topics and meditative quotations--first published by United Cerebral Palsy of California--is from the parent of a young man with CP. At SNP we think it's a jewel. This expanded edition includes Kate's reflections on life following Mahlon's graduation from college, and Mahlon's essay on what it's like to go away to college. The beautiful cover illustration was generously contributed by famed artist Laurel Burch.

108 pages. 1998

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