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Joan Green. Illustrated by Linda Comerford

What Color Is It? An Interactive Reading Book

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This book teaches children how to match, identify and label colors.

They also learn to read their color words which are included in simple sentences. (Ex. "The apple is red.") The colors are also taught by association. (Ex. The "apple" is matched to the red square and the "red square" goes on the apple. This way when a child hears the word "red" he can "see" the red apple in his head and remember the colors more easily!)

These books are designed to be used on many levels. Colorful velcro backed original drawings are used to match, identify, label, sequence and create sentences. Utilizing the power of visual strategies, the children learn to associate pictures with words. The fun, interactive nature of these books is rewarding to children with and without special needs. Children in special education, pre-school, kindergarten, and learning English as a second language call all have fun and succeed. Teachers, parents, speech and language pathologists, resource specialists and occupational therapists have used these books with great success.

Even though Interactive Reading Books were developed in a special education program, these interactive books for children have proven to be equally powerful learning aids for kindergarten reading and all beginning readers!

Interactive Reading Books are in compliance with California State Standards and meet or exceed educational standards in many other states.


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