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Tip #22 from the Hanen Centre


Literacy Tip

Build your child’s vocabulary:

When you come across a new word in a book, explain what the word means and use actions, gestures, facial expressions or sounds to demonstrate its meaning. For example, if you come across the word “exhale”, you could say, “‘Exhale’ means breathing out and making a loud noise”, and then breathe out to show your child. Explaining and showing are powerful ways to build his understanding of new words.

Tip drawn from the ABC and Beyond guidebook and featured in our holiday promotion.  Special Needs Project is the authorized distributor of their outstanding materials for the United States and South America.

Early literacy skills prepare your child for learning to read and write. These skills include print knowledge, sound awareness, vocabulary, story comprehension and conversation. This week’s tips give you some helpful ideas for how you can expand your child’s early literacy skills to prepare him or her for school success.


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