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Tip #20 from the Hanen Centre


More than 35 years ago, The Hanen Centre began its work with a focus on early language intervention for children with language delays. It has since developed three other areas of expertise, each concerned with promoting the communication development of a particular group of children with specific needs.

Hanen Programs®, workshops and resources are divided into four areas of expertise...

  • Language delays
  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Asperger syndrome
  • Language and literacy development

It's Social Communication Week !
Check out this week's holiday tips for creative ideas for encouraging social communication development from the Hanen Centre in Toronto. Be sure to take advantage of the great values on virtually all Hanen's outstanding publications as well in our Hanen Holiday Special collection.

Social Communication Tip

If your child has conversations but sometimes gets stuck on a particular topic:

Give him visual and auditory cues to let him know that a topic change is coming. For example, if your child is talking to you about superheroes for a very long time, tell him “You can tell me two more things about superheroes, and then we’re going to talk about the birthday party we are going to tomorrow” while holding up two fingers. The visual cue will help remind your child what he needs to do.

Tip drawn from the TalkAbility guidebook.


If you have a young child with social communication difficulties or autism, this week’s tips will offer you some creative ideas for encouraging your child’s communication while interacting and having fun together.

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By Siphe Maphekula, on

My son is 2years old but he don’t talk nor walk, it pains me inside seeing him like this. Apparently his mother was not well looked after by the nurses who delivered my son she suffered terrible delivery bringing our son into this world and that is the exact carelessness that led to my son to be in this condition. I curse that hospital and the staff who took her into labour. From: A devastated parent in South Africa in the Eastern Cape

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