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Toby Karten

Common Core Standards: A Step by Step Approach--English Language Arts, Grades K-5

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Catalog No. 28051Across our nation's classrooms, curriculum is being aligned to match with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). But, there is nothing common about the students who must learn to master these standards. Each student possesses unique academic, social, emotional, behavioral, physical, communicative, and sensory levels and needs.

This laminated reference guide offers baseline knowledge about the CCSS and is intended to translate the goals, expectations, knowledge, and skills into behavior that yields achievement for all students, regardless of ability levels, within inclusive classrooms.

Specific curriculum examples for English language arts standards are delineated for populations of learners in grades K-5, with timelines and teacher tips that offer ideas for classroom management, core materials, resources, instruction, and ongoing assessments.

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