Yael Cohen

Secrets of a Special Education Advocate

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Did you make it out to the car before crying after that last special ed IEP meeting you attended?

Were you confused with those Greek-sounding words? Are you upset about what's going on with your child's education and wondering what you should be asking for? Or are you wondering why, after three years of special ed lessons, your child still can't read?

Have you begun to question how some parents seem to walk away with services for their kids that you seem to only dream of for yours? Or, as one of Yael's clients exclaimed, was that last IEP meeting one of the 10 best days of your life? What is it they know that you don't?

Yael Cohen, MA, a special education advocate who has changed the lives of kids (and their parents) for the last 25+ years, reveals secret after crucial secret that you must know before you walk into your child's school again. Buy this guide to help your child shine at school and to make those terrible IEP meetings a thing of the past.

As a special education advocate, Yael Cohen speaks daily with parents frustrated with their schools and school districts when it comes to getting what their kids with learning challenges need . . .

* I can't get the school to even evaluate my child.

* I'm tired of telling them what my child needs.

* I'm frustrated that my child is not making (enough) progress.

* I don't know what programs to ask for; I'm not the special educator--why don't they know what will really work?

* I hate those Special Ed IEP meetings more than anything!

Yael has nearly 35 years of successful experience working directly with individual children with special needs no matter what the disability, including a specialty in teaching even "unteachable" children to read and do math, and over 25+ years of successful special education advocacy as measured by child growth and parent report. She has a BA in speech pathology and an MA in special education, and is a licensed teacher.

100 pages. 2015

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