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James W. Partington and Michael M. Mueller

AFLS 4-Book Bundle (The Assessment of Functional Living Skills)

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The Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS) has the ease, look, and familiarity of the ABLLS-R extended to necessary skills of independence in home, school, and community settings.

This set includes the most sought-after modules of the AFLS program. It consists of the Guide, Basic Living, Home and Community volumes.


The complete Assessment of Functional Living Skills includes ...

• The AFLS Guide--A teaching companion that contains task analyses, teaching suggestions, and prompting strategies, AND...
• Six individually available assessment protocols including Basic Living Skills, Home Skills, Community Participation Skills, School Skills, Independent Living Skills and Vocational Skills.

The AFLS comprises the Guide and protocols that assess functional, practical, and essential skills of everyday life. Each assessment protocol can be used as a standalone assessment, but the protocols are conceptualized as distinct parts of an extended assessment spanning a continuum throughout a learner's life in home, school, and community settings. Each module is distinct, but is connected by unifying themes and overarching goals for maximizing a learner's freedom, independence, and opportunities. Bundle multiple modules and customize the perfect assessment for your setting and situation. Protocols are sold separately and several economical bundles are available.



This four-volume bundle includes the 60-page Guide plus 3 modules: Basic Living, Home, and Community Protocols.




Catalog #28570

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