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Peter W.D. Wright and Pamela Darr Wright

Wrightslaw: Legal Requirements of IEPs (DVD)

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If you are like many parents, when you receive a notice about an IEP meeting for your child, you feel anxious.

During IEP meetings, you may feel confused, overwhelmed and anxious. The best antidote to negative emotions is accurate, reliable information. Because parents are not professional educators, many don't realize that they have a unique role to play in the IEP process. What is your role? As the parent, you are the expert on your child. That is why you are a member of your child's IEP team.

What can you do to feel more confident in IEP meetings? You can let Pete and Pam Wright teach you about the legal requirements of IEPs. This presentation is not about drafting IEPs nor about writing goals and objectives or other nuts and bolts issues. Instead, it is limited to the legal requirements that relate to IEPs.

In this 1.25 hour program, Pete and Pam Wright will explain these legal requirements to you in clear, no-nonsense language. You will learn about:

... present levels of academic achievement and functional performance

... measurable academic and functional goals

... how your child's progress will be measured, and when the school will provide you with periodic progress reports

... appropriate accommodations on tests and alternative assessments

... transition assessments and transition plans for "life after school"

... reviewing and revising IEPs

... placement decisions

... and much more

To view the program, you need to have the free WebEx software installed on your computer.

The Legal Requirements of IEPs uses Wrightslaw: Special Education Law, 2nd Edition as the required course book. As Pete explains specific concepts, he will have you make notes in your book so you can find important information quickly and easily. During the program, Pete will also refer to the Analysis of Comments and Changes ("Commentary") and the Model IEP Form. These documents are included on the CD-ROM.

Wrightslaw programs are designed to meet the needs of parents, educators, health care providers, advocates and attorneys who represent children with disabilities regarding special education. The program is not disability-specific.

Your instructors for the Legal Requirements of IEPs training program are Pete Wright and Pam Wright. Pete Wright is an attorney who represents children with special educational needs. He successfully represented Shannon Carter before the United States Supreme Court in Florence County v. Shannon Carter (501 U.S. 7).

Pam Wright is a psychotherapist who worked with children and families from the 1970's. Pam has written extensively about raising, educating and advocating for children with disabilities.

75 minutes. 2008

Catalog #25607

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