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John F. Tholen

Winning the Disability Challenge

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In Winning The Disability Challenge, author and psychologist John F. Tholen, PhD provides an alternate, positive outlook on living life as a disabled individual, offering a definitive guide for what to do when an accident or illness forever alters the way one lives his or her life. This book is directly aimed to help the disabled negotiate the complex world of the rights and benefits they are privy to upon their infliction, interwoven with uplifting affirmations and methods of personal security and self-fulfillment that Dr. Tholen provides for the reader to help them negotiate their way through the complex maze of bureaucratic red tape.

Not only does Dr. Tholen present a winning course of action when handling insurance companies, signing documents and settling occupational disputes, he also provides an inspiring, uplifting message of hope. He truly believes disabled people can reclaim the happiness and enjoyment of life they once knew, perhaps even more than ever before.

John F. Tholen, PhD is a licensed psychologist who has been treating the occupationally disabled for twenty-seven years. He has a PhD as well as an MA in Clinical Psychology from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida as well as an MS in Public Health and a B.A. in Psychology from UCLA in Los Angeles, California. Over the course of twenty-seven years, Tholen has written hundreds of insightful medical-legal reports on the psychological trauma and emotional distress experienced by his disabled patients. Dr. Tholen resides in Long Beach, California.

241 pages. 2008

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