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Cassie Zupke

We Said, They Said

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So why are good, reasonable parents and skilled, compassionate educators locked in conflict?

When parents and teachers disagree, kids lose.

After listening to hundreds of parents, teachers and school administrators, Cassie Zupke found the answer. Although the demands of educating a child with autism forces parents and educators to work closely together, their ability to function as a team is often hampered by their lack of understanding of each other's motivations and limitations. This creates an environment of mistrust, frustration and fear that can turn a classroom into a war zone.

We Said, They Said voices what parents and educators want to say to each other, but don't. It explains why they do what they do. It helps fill the chasms of misunderstanding that breed assumptions like "They don't care about my child," and "They're just in denial." It gives educators and parents the necessary tools to build the relationships they need to help their children.

Cassie Zupke is the mother of three teenagers, one of whom has mild autism. A former engineer in NASA's Deep Space Network, Cassie is also the director of Open Doors Now, a non-profit education and support group for students with mild autism/similar disorders, their families and educators. During the eight years since ODN's inception, Cassie has designed and operated parent mentoring and support programs; social skills/friendship programs for children, teens and young adults; and educational presentations for parents and educators. Cassie has helped train hundreds of K-12 teachers and administrators about autism and how to include children with autism in general education classes.

280 pages. 2013

Catalog #28283

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