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Anne Addison

Unfolding the Tent

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Catalog No. 22731This book is for parents of children with behavioral, attentional, developmental and learning needs. Because these children do not follow a typical developmental path, it is unrealistic to think they can grow to become the best that they can be without careful attention to their unique needs and gifts. Using strategic planning methodology, Anne Addison introduces the Life Map, which draws upon the child's strengths and passions and takes into consideration the unique way in which he sees the world. Parents learn methods to become effective coaches, case managers and members of the team suporting their child. In addition, exercises throughout the book encourage parents to examine their parenting style and their role in their child's life. Filled with personal stories and case studies to highlight key points, this book takes a procactive and positive approach to helping children "be the best they can be". 204 pages. 2005

"Anne Addison viscerally describes parental challenges connected with having a child with behavioral and attentional disorders. Her methods of evaluating the source of difficult behaviors, her take on life mapping, and her suggestions for caregivers to "rewire" their minds are truly unique, positive and insightful. Every parent of a newly diagnosed child should read this book! Her methods are truly unique, positive and insightful."--Susan J. Moreno, President, MAAP Services for Autism and Asperger syndrome

"In this remarkable book, Anne Addison shares her expereinces as a parent of a son with special needs.... This book is an excellent resource not only for parents but also for professionals who work with exceptional children."--Robert Brooks, PhD, Harvard Medical School

"I wish this book had been available to the thousands of parents that I have had the honor to work with over the years. The manual's birth now will hopefully become the treasure of every parent in the future, who will no longer have to travel this road by him or herself alone. "--Ami Klin, PhD, Yale University School of Medicine

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