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Dianne Craft

Understanding and Helping the Struggling Learner DVD

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There is no mystery to learning.

There are only four learning gates: visual, auditory, visual/motor( eye/hand, writing) , and focusing/attention processing.

Many bright, hard working children have to work too hard to learn because they have a processing problem, or one of their learning gates is blocked. Sometimes several learning gates are blocked. The brain is created to use the left, concentrating brain to learn new processes, such as driving a car, riding a bike, tracking the eyes from left to right when reading, and writing letters and numbers.

After a short time of practice, these processes are supposed to transfer over the corpus callosum (midline), to be stored in the right brain, where automatic movement is stored. The goal is to be able to think (left brain) and drive (right brain) at the same time, talk and ride a bike at the same time, understand what you are reading while tracking your eyes at the same time, and write and think about your thoughts, punctuation or spelling at the same time. When the processes of learning have not transferred successfully over to the right, automatic brain hemisphere, then the child experiences a learning glitch. This can be corrected, but you need to know how to do it.

Using the Understanding and Helping the Struggling Learner DVD, find out the symptoms that a child presents when he is experiencing an information processing glitch and what to do about it. In this DVD, you will be shown the brain integration techniques that Dianne used in her twenty years of teaching, and ten years in her private consultation practice, to correct a child's processing problem and obtain a two year gain in reading and writing (including spelling). Many schools and homeschools across the country are using these teachings to see the same growth in their children who have a learning glitch.

Included in this two-DVD set:

1. Research explaining how the brain learns, and when it is expending too much energy to learn

2. Identifying if your child has a "processing glitch", either visual processing, auditory processing, or visual/motor (writing) processing problem.

3. Crossing the midline exercises that help to correct a child's processing problem (visual, auditory, or eye/hand).

4. Detailed illustration of the famous Writing Eight Exercise, which greatly reduces writing reversals, writing fluency problems and even dysgraphia! How do you know if your child needs this important exercise? These are some of the symptoms of stress in the writing system:

... Smart kids who hate to write

... Good orally, but very little written work

... Reversals in written letters (after age 7)

... Spelling is very poor

... Copying is very labor-intensive

5. An introduction to the physical, biological basis for attention, focusing problems, sensory problems and mood disorders. How these problems often are associated with much antibiotic use in early life, or when in "utero." Powerful, natural treatments for children who exhibit symptoms that are ADD-like, or hyperactivity. Common symptoms that these children exhibit:

... Sleep problems

... Angry, aggressive

... Sensory processing problems

... Irritable, "touchy"

... Stomach aches

... Mood swings

... Memory problems

... Melt downs

... Attention problems

... Sugar Craving

... Depression or Anxiety

... Allergies

Together, we're better. And more fun.

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