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Edited by David B. McNaughton and David R. Beukelman. Foreword by Bruce R. Baker

Transition Strategies for Adolescents and Young Adults who Use AAC

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To make a smooth transition to a fulfilling, self-determined adult life, young people who use AAC need effective services that meet their individual needs and make the most of advances in technology.

Professionals will provide these critical supports with the help of this book, the first complete guide to supporting the journey to adulthood for people who use AAC.

Combining the best research-based practices from diverse fields--including special education, vocational rehabilitation, and communication disorders--this essential resource covers every aspect of transition planning for young adults with a wide range of disabilities. Professionals will get the knowledge and strategies they need to help young people who use AAC

... Strengthen literacy skills, so they can access educational, vocational, and social opportunities

... Succeed in secondary school, participating fully in both academic and social arenas

... Make the transition to postsecondary education, advocating for the accommodations and supports they need to access the core curriculum

... Achieve self-determination by developing skills such as self-knowledge, decision making, and communication

... Secure employment and enjoy a positive workplace experience

... Increase autonomy and build friendships through community recreation and leisure activities

... Communicate effectively with personal assistants to ensure that their support needs are met

... Navigate the complex move from pediatric to adult medical and health services

Throughout the book, guidance from top experts is woven together with the personal stories of young adults who use AAC, shedding light on the challenges of transition and the research-based strategies that lead to positive outcomes. A much-needed resource for transition and employment specialists, vocational rehabilitation specialists, and special education teachers, this groundbreaking book will help professionals prepare young people who use AAC for successful adult lives--in school, at work, and in the community.

Chapter authors include: Anthony Arnold, Susan Balandin PhD, Laura Ball PhD, Elizabeth Benedek-Wood, Erik W. Carter PhD, Barbara M. Collier, John Dattilo, John Draper, Beth Foley PhD, Denise Hazelrigg, Dave Hingsburger, Christi Horn PhD, Pamela Kennedy, Randy Joe May, Lateef McLeod, Tracy Rackensperger, Hazel Self, Sam Sennott, Elizabeth Serpentine, Korey Stading, Annalu Waller, Michael L. Wehmeyer, Julie Wolter, Sandra Wright

288 pages. 2010

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