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Lynn and Randy Gaston

Three Times the Love

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Three Times the Love is the inspiring true story of an ordinary American family who face an extraordinary challenge. Lynn and Randy Gaston were overjoyed to discover they were having triplets after many arduous years of trying to conceive. But eighteen months after their births, Lynn and Randy's sons began exhibiting odd new behaviors--among them, toe walking, arm flapping, and in one of the boys, Nicholas, a sudden muteness. Terrified and dumbfounded, Lynn began researching their behavior on the Internet. The same glaring diagnosis kept popping up--each boy was displaying symptoms of autism, though at different points on the spectrum.

With little support from their own pediatrician, Randy and Lynn continued to investigate autism and alternative treatments exhaustively, convinced that Nicholas, Hunter, and Zachary needed immediate help. With nowhere to turn, they hired their own therapists and began intensive behavioral treatment, not covered by their health insurance. Stymied when their own public school misdiagnosed the boys, they eventually decided to sell their house and move to a school district that offered therapy programs for children with autism.

Along this challenging and confusing journey, Randy and Lynn have become fierce advocates for their sons as they race against time to find answers. And they've made it their mission to arm other parents with the information, guidance, and support they were looking for so desperately once their boys began regressing. With invaluable advice ranging from educational programs to legal issues to a comprehensive assessment of the therapies and interventions that have worked for their three unique children, the Gastons provide a road map for all families who will need to follow them through the trenches.

Three Times the Love is the beautifully told story of the unstoppable devotion of two loving parents to their children. Filled with practical advice and an extensive resource list, it is an essential guide for any family touched by autism.

14+ years. 240 pages. 2009

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