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Joanne Lara and Susan Osborne. Foreword by Temple Grandin

Teaching Pre-Employment Skills to 14-17 Year Olds

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Teaching young people with autism workplace skills while they are still school-aged is essential for helping them get jobs once they are ready to enter employment.

This ready-made curriculum does exactly that, with a structured program for teaching groups of students aged 14-17 vital pre-employment skills, from interviewing to networking.

Based on the Autism Works Now! Workplace Readiness Workshop, this interactive resource shows how to help students aged 14-17 develop the necessary transition skills for getting and keeping a meaningful job, with accompanying worksheets available to download.

Structured around 2-hour weekly sessions over an eight month period, the program is ideal for teaching to groups of students with autism. It covers essential topics such as organization and time management, interview skills, appropriate workplace attire, and networking. It advises on how to arrange a field trip to local businesses so students can gain experience of being in the workplace. Worksheets and questionnaires help to track progress and discover what times of job will be appropriate based on an individual's skills and interests, and the book also includes a template for creating effective resumes.

"Employing a strength-based approach the authors combine concepts of engaging deep interests with practical strategies for finding and keeping a job. A great step forward in making fulfilling and productive employment for autistic individuals the rule rather than the exception."--Stephen M. Shore, EdD, educator, consultant, presenter, and author on issues related to the autism spectrum

"With this book, Joanne Lara and Susan Osborne present a comprehensive curriculum to prepare students with autism spectrum disorder to transition from school to employment. This interactive resource is an essential guide for teachers and caregivers working with young people to develop the necessary skills for getting and keeping a job."--Doreen Granpeesheh, CEO, Center for Autism & Related Disorders (C.A.R.D.)

"Brilliant! This is essential reading for autism parents, educators and self-advocates. Joanne Lara and Susan Osborne have created the road map to successful employment in today's job market and--spoiler alert--preparation begins earlier than we were previously told! As an autism parent I am exceptionally grateful for this amazing tool. The work force needs these amazing, talented individuals, and they deserve the dignity and empowerment that comes with gainful employment!"--Shannon Penrod, host of Autism Live, producer of Autism in the Classroom

"With an estimated 50,000 kids with autism reaching adulthood in the U.S. each year, thank you Joanne Lara and Susan Osborne for creating an innovative program to prepare these young adults for employment. With the help of Autism Works Now!, they will reach their full potential and lead independent, productive, meaningful lives. Hallelujah!"--Yudi Bennett, Co-Founder, Foothill Autism Alliance & Exceptional Minds

176 pages. 2017

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