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Fern Sussman

TalkAbility Guidebook

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Even after they have learned to talk, children ages 3-7 with Asperger syndrome, mild autism or social difficulties face special communication challenges.

To have real "talk ability," children have to understand the meaning behind the words by tuning in to the thoughts and feelings of other people. Parents and professionals have long sought a down-to-earth guide on how to help these children develop the people skills that make it possible to engage in real conversations and connect well with others. TalkAbility answers this need with a wealth of practical strategies that parents can build into their child s everyday life. Strategies like these strategies help children gain both the social and special language abilities necessary for successful conversations and friendships.

... take appropriate turns in a conversation and then wait for others to take theirs

... tune into what people say without words in a conversation

... understand how other people feel and respond appropriately

... learn how to play with other children and make friends

This Hanen Centre guidebook continues a longstanding tradition of taking the most current research and turning it into a readable, user-friendly book that gives parents and professionals the tools to support young children's social and language development. Written by Fern Sussman, the author of More Than Words, this user-friendly, beautifully illustrated guidebook from the Hanen Centre is sure to be an invaluable resource.

"TalkAbility contains a wealth of valuable material for parents and caregivers of young children who may have a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum or simply have social difficulties. Beautifully written, clear and immediately usable, there are few books that parents will find as accessible and full of useful tips as this one."--Simon Baron-Cohen, PhD; Director, Autism Research Centre; Professor of Developmental Psychopathology, University of Cambridge

"Fern Sussman's work has been at the top of our recommended resources for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder for many years. Her latest book, TalkAbility, hits at the core of our challenge in teaching our children to navigate the demands of everyday social life, doing so with grace, accessibility, and effectiveness."--Ami Klin, PhD; Co-Director, Yale Autism Program, Yale Child Study Center; Harris Associate Professor of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, Yale University

"Incredibly useful and immediately clear, this people-skills handbook provides gentle guidance and thoughtful suggestions ... a must-read for all parents, caretakers and teachers of young children, autistic and non-autistic alike, whose potential for all types of communication has not yet been explored, tapped or fully reached."--Katherine B. Olson, Spectrum Magazine

208 pages. 2007

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