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Michelle Dean. Illustrated by Tom Dineen

Taking Weight Problems to School

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Tina, is a girl who feels left out at school because she is overweight.

She shares her feelings about her weight problem with readers. In her counseling group she learns about healthy eating habits, the importance of exercise, as well as other types of eating disorders.

The Special Kids in School Series is a must-have for every counselor, teacher, school nurse, parent or caregiver. These beautifully illustrated and fun-to-read storybooks simplify and normalize complicated childhood conditions. When read aloud, other children can identify why a peer may be treated differently and begin to empathize with them. In addition, children whose conditions set them apart as being different begin to feel accepted and safe. Book includes a Kid Quiz to reinforce new information and Ten Tips for Teachers to provide additional facts and ideas for teacher use. A percentage of every sale is donated to support research.

Grades K-5. 2005

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