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Fern Sussman and Elaine Weitzman

Take Out the Toys

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Take Out the Toys is the second booklet in the Make Play R.O.C.K. Series for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder and other communication difficulties.

This booklet focuses on helping parents and other caregivers support the development of children's functional play skills, meaning their ability to play with objects (toys) in appropriate ways. It offers simple, research-based strategies for building children's early toy play through imitation. Like Booklet 1 in the series, Plan for People Play, it includes a "game plan" to help readers structure their interactions with children.

The booklet offers practical, research-based guidance for expanding children's "functional play," the kind of early toy play that involves doing conventional or "expected" actions on toys. Filled with easy-to-follow guidance and concrete examples, this booklet helps parents promote their child's play skills while having fun together.

Take Out the Toys gives parents the tools to help their child develop early toy play skills. This early type of play, known as functional play, is an important step on the road to developing more advanced play skills, as well as building social skills. Functional play involves playing with toys in "expected" ways, such as putting shapes into a sorter or building a tower with blocks. This booklet has a play checklist, which helps you identify how your child currently plays with toys. from there, you learn how to expand functional play skills by helping him learn to imitate new play actions using a variety of objects and toys. As your child learns to imitate new and more complex types of functional play, he is not only learning new play skills, but is building the foundation for improved language development.

Fern Sussman is a speech-language pathologist and the former clinical program director of Autism Services at the Hanen Centre. Fern is also the author of the Hanen Centre's More Than Words and TalkAbility guidebooks. She developed two Hanen programs for parents by the same names. These parent-implemented early language intervention programs are offered by Hanen trained clinicians around the world. Ms. Sussman has devoted her career to giving parents the knowledge and skills to become their children's very best language facilitators.

Elaine Weitzman has been executive director of the Hanen Centre since 1992. She is the co-author of a number of other Hanen publications, including the It Takes Two to Talk guidebook. Her research on parent and teacher training has been widely published. Elaine received her speech-language pathology degree in South Africa and her Master of Education degree at York University in Toronto, Canada.

77 pages. 2014

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