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Mian Wang and George H. S. Singer

Supporting Families of Children With Developmental Disabilities

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This volume is the only comprehensive review of family support literature.

... It is the only meta-analysis of RCT studies in this literature.

... Uses evaluation of intervention status as evidence based practice.

... Includes convenient tables summarizing studies.

... Contains description of major contents of intervention programs.

... Incorporates a strong emphasis on family adaptation and quality of life.

Supporting Families of Children with Developmental Disabilities provides a comprehensive review of the empirical evidence on interventions for families of individuals, ranging from post-preschool age to adulthood, with developmental disabilities. The book presents both narrative and meta-analytic syntheses of a large body of research to evaluate which interventions meet contemporary standards as evidence based practices. The body of studies reviewed in the book has not previously been gathered into one volume, nor evaluated as a whole for the quality and extent of the evidence. The research is presented in the context of contemporary social policy and practices aimed at maximizing the development of children with disabilities while increasing the quality of life of their families. The criteria and procedures followed for identifying, reviewing, evaluating, and categorizing the studies are articulated in line with other major professional standards. Individual chapters focus on several different schools of practice, including: group psycho-educational interventions, behavioral parent training, multiple component interventions, supportive interventions for families of children with autism, home- and school-based practices, self-help groups, and advocacy programs. Supporting Families of Children with Developmental Disabilities is an important tool for moving the disability field forward for future research, practice, and social policy.

Mian Wang, PhD, MA, is a professor and emphasis leader in the Special Education, Disability and Risk Studies (SPEDR) program at the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education of the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). He is also the founding director of the Pacific Rim Center for Research on Special Education and Disability, and the director of the McEnroe Reading and Language Arts Clinic at UCSB.

George H. S. Singer, PhD, MA, is a professor of special education at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He has worked as a special education teacher, group home director, and vocational trainer for individuals with severe disabilities prior to becoming a Research Scientist at the Oregon Research Institute. His work focuses on families of children with severe disabilities and special education practices for this group of students.

376 pages. 2016

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