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Dianne Craft

The Struggling Learner Seminar DVD Series

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Is learning harder than it should be for a child or teen you're working with? Find help from an expert in learning difficulties.

... Who will benefit from this Struggling Learner Seminar DVD Series?

... Special education teachers, resource room teachers, literacy teachers, home educators, private school remedial programs, tutors, speech and occupational therapists, adult literacy educators, and ESL teachers.

... Anyone interested in making learning easier for a student by removing learning blocks and using right brain teaching strategies for faster, stress-free learning.

The take-home value of this Seminar Series...

... Understand the brain research behind learning disabilities (or just learning "glitches").

... Use the "Four Learning Gate Checklist" to identify the processing problems.

... Create a program that corrects these blocked learning gates.

... Receive a step-by-step, classroom-proven Daily Lesson Plan using these unique teaching tools to remediate reading, spelling, writing, and math for students in grades first through eighth.

... Learn exactly how to teach a student with: dyslexia; reading problems; Dysgraphia; Auditory Processing Problems; Math Problems; Sensory Processing Disorder.

... The 9 Workshops in this DVD Seminar Series:

... Identifying Your Child's Processing Problem

... Dyslexia and other Reading Problems

... Dysgraphia: When Writing is Painful

... Kids and Teens with Focus/Attention Issues

... Right Brain Paragraph and Composition Writing

... Auditory Processing Problems

... Right Brain Math

... Autism, Asperger's & Sensory Processing Disorder

... Training Your Child's Photographic Memory (for spelling and all subjects Two-day, live seminar with over 10 hours of teacher training and extensive study guide with daily lesson plans and resources.


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