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Maureen Flanagan. Foreword by Pamela Compart

Strategies for a Successful Mealtime

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A feeding disorder is a sensory-motor disorder and should be treated accordingly.

Strategies for a Successful Mealtime provides a structured oral movement and feeding program that will help children work through aversion to food textures, limited diet, and difficulty accepting food utensils. This involves analyzing the child's oral movement patterns as well as his ability to register and regulate sensory information. Parents, caretakers, and teachers are important participants in the child's treatment program.

"This book is overflowing with practical information and strategies for improving feeding skills in children! Maureen Flanagan managed to breakdown an area of such complexity into a series of easy to understand parts. The assessments and strategies provided are easy to follow and implement. This book is a must-have for parents and educators alike!"

-Kelly Mahler MS, OTR/L, autism consultant and author of Interoception: The Eighth Sensory System

Maureen Flanagan, MA, CCC-SLP, is a pediatric speech/language pathologist. For the past 37 years, she has worked in private schools, public schools, infant programs and clinical settings with children with a variety of disabilities. Presently, Ms. Flanagan has a private practice with offices in Silver Spring, MD. and Harwood, MD. where she provides speech/language services to children and adolescents aged birth through 16. She has worked extensively with children with a diagnosis of ASD in a classroom setting, a group setting and individual sessions. Ms. Flanagan can be reached at mflanaganspeech4kids@comcast.net and through her website at www.maureenflanaganspeech.com.

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