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Stages Learning Sensory Builder Active Attention Chair Cushion for Wiggly Bottom Kids Seat, Blue, 13" X 2.5

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Stages Learning sensory Builder active attention chair cushion for wiggly bottom kids, with free pump, is a perfect solution for children who have a tough time sitting still.

A wiggle cushion is a cross between a ball chair and a seat cushion. You can inflate the wiggle cushion to the max to stimulate balance and core work, or deflate to use as a seat cushion which encourages movement. Parents and teachers like that the seats calm the hyperactive child in school and at home during dinner and homework. Cushions have shown improved behavior for children with ADHD and autistic children. The seats are also great for adults to help with posture and reduced back strain from long periods sitting.

These active attention chair cushions are safe for children 3 years and older, and are certified free of latex and phthalates. One side of the cushion is a smooth surface, the other side has slightly raised bumps. you can choose between receiving tactile input from the bumpy side, or sitting on a smooth surface. Ideas for use:

. Great alternative to a ball chair that can be used in school, home, clinic or travel

. Use to teach balance.

. To have kids sit on for circle time or stand on during standing circle-time.

... provides balance therapy, tactile input and improved focus for individuals with adhd and Autism, or kids with sensory processing and focus challenges

... ideal for ages 3 -- teen

... inflates in seconds with included free hand pump, or with standard ball or tire pump

... cushion can be blown up to 3.5" high (for a less stable, firm, rounded cushion) by straw (not included), mouth or hand pump.

... 13" diameter, made from PVC, latex-free bands

Ages 36 months-- up

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