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Laurie LeComer

The Socially Included Child

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A step-by-step guide for socializing any child on the autism spectrum.

Parents of children with autism often end up skipping family functions, playdates, and social outings for fear that their children will be unsafe, behave inappropriately, or feel overwhelmed. Now, no matter a child's language skills or behaviors, he or she can start participating socially with LeComer's clear action steps.

The Socially Included Child introduces a new organizational tool called the I.D.E.A.L. system, which allows parents to:

I: Introduce an Activity

D: Determine the Tasks Involved

E: Evaluate Your Expectations

A: Accommodate for Success

L: List the Components of the Activity Visually

Here is the essential guide for parents who want to ensure that their children enjoy the benefits--and fun--of socializing, while still accommodating their special needs.

256 pages. 2009

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