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Dianne Craft

Smart Kids Who Hate To Write (DVD)

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Does your child seem lazy, sloppy, and unmotivated?

He or she could be suffering from a writing glitch called dysgraphia. Some children have to use so much energy for the writing process that they are reluctant to put pencil to paper for anything!

Not all children who have a writing block or dysgraphia have visual/spatial problems, but they often overlap. This is the most common learning block that gifted children have. Many times it isn't even identified until a child is a teenager and not turning in written work! You will even find out if your child is hard-wired to be right- or left-handed.


... Resists writing (after age 7)

... Writing reversals

... Math problems not lined up

... Place value or reading clock difficult

... Omits letters when spelling

... Can't get thoughts on paper

... Copying very labor-intensive

... Poor spacing on paper

... Great stories orally, but writes very little

... Fine motor difficulties

Visual/Spatial Problems...

... Difficulty identifying left and right quickly

... Difficulty learning to tie shoes

... Fine motor problems

... Difficulty skipping (can gallop, which is one-sided)

... Late learning how to go down stairs using alternating feet

... Frequently this child has been referred for occupational therapy

In this DVD you will learn how to identify a child with a writing glitch, dysgraphia, visual/spatial problems, and, more importantly, how to eliminate those problems using a proven method. This exercise was originally developed to improve eye/hand coordination and ball handling ability in sports. Coaches said these students just "knew where they were in the field after doing this exercise."

DVD: Region 1 (US/Canada)

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