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Britt Collins and Jackie Olson

Sensory Parenting from Newborns to Toddlers

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A child's sensory system affects their ability to learn, play, socialize and function.

Maybe a child isn't able to sit still in class because his shirt tag is bothering him. Or a child isn't able to play with other children because his balance is off. Maybe your child isn't just a picky eater -- it could be that his sensory system needs some special guidance and adjusting

Britt Collins, MS, OTR/L and Jackie Olson, an occupational therapist and parent team, have organized and combined parenting information along with sensory integration methods, tips and solutions. We've made it easy and fun and will help you avoid a lot of unnecessary battles between you and your child. It's amazing how quickly our children adapt and the little adjustments that can make our days smoother.

Beginning with your baby's birth, Britt and Jackie walk parents through everyday situations and duties all the way through your child's early stages of development--the first five years. They explain the underlying reasons beneath your child's negative behaviors and the often simple fixes.

Since graduating from Colorado State University with a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy, Britt Collins has practiced in a variety of settings; including sensory integration clinics, schools, homes, rehabilitation, and skilled nursing facilities. Britt honed her skills at a pediatric clinic in Tarzana, California prior to working for Pedia Staff in the Battle Ground, Washington school district where she oversaw two elementary schools, the middle school and high school. Britt has mainly focused her career as an OT on sensory integration and how this affects children with various special needs, such as autism, ADHD, Sensory Dysfunction and more. She is a member of The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) and currently works with the Legacy Health System in Pediatric Rehabilitation and Inpatient Acute Pediatrics in Portland, Oregon.

Jackie Olson found out upon the birth of her child that "something was wrong" and has spent the last seven years learning about sensory processing disorders to help her son and other families. As a filmmaker who started her career at Miramax Films and then 20th Century Fox, she went freelance as in independent producer to be able to spend more time with her son and help him with his sensory needs (as well as an autism diagnosis). During the last two years, Jackie's son has been mainstreamed into a standard public school system. In this time, Jackie has noticed that many of the typically developing children have sensory issues as well.

Together, we're better. And more fun.

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