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Robbie Levy

Sensory Motor Play in Early Intervention

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Do you work with children who exhibit the following behaviors in relation to their environment, ability to learn, or interact with others?

‰л Never plays or works independently

‰л Excessive temper tantrums/difficulty with transitions

‰л Always fidgeting in chair or on rug

‰л Distracted by background noises that others don't seem to hear

‰л Won't play with common preschool materials

‰л Anxious in crowds/large groups

‰л Is overly fearful of swings and playground equipment

‰л A constant need to touch people or textures, even when it's inappropriate to do so

‰л Doesn't understand personal space even when same-age peers are old enough to understand it

If so, complete this seminar and return to your jobs with strategies, activities, resources and information that will impact your clients/children immediately! You will discover regulation, sensory and play intervention strategies will improve performance in the following areas: executive function (attention, organization), self-esteem, gross motor/postural/ coordination abilities, body in space, safety, fine motor, handwriting, pre-academics, behavior and ADL (activities of daily living). Don't miss out on this invaluable day!

Robbie Levy, MA, OTR/L, is an occupational therapist with over 33 years of experience specializing in pediatrics and is the owner and director of Dynamic Kids, a large, well-respected OT, PT, SLP practice devoted to addressing a variety of sensory, motor, behavioral, social and academic issues in children from birth to adolescence.

Course Content Disclosure: Participants will be exposed to, but not formally trained in, the use of auditory integration therapies within the content of this course. ASHA Position Policy states that Auditory Integration Therapy (AIT) has not met scientific standards for efficacy that would currently justify its usage.

Multi-disc DVD recording with electronic manual and instructions. Duration: Full day


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