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Sandra Beale-Ellis. Foreword by Luke Beardon

Sensing the City

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How do the sights, smells, and sounds of a city affect the senses of people with an autism spectrum disorder?

Visiting a city can be an exciting and overwhelming experience, especially when you have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This enlightening book provides a first-hand sensory perspective of what experiencing a city is like for someone with ASD and offers advice on how to cope in a city when you have sensory issues.

Sandra Beale-Ellis explores the sensory benefits and challenges of cities for people with an ASD and invites readers to understand the different ways in which they can experience a city from a sensory perspective. Sandra, who has been clinically diagnosed as having Asperger's syndrome, describes how she experiences the city through the lens of ASD, picking up on things that a neurotypical (non-autistic) person might not. As well as introducing the wonders of the city that neurotypical people rarely see, this book also provides readers who have an ASD with solutions to the negative or overwhelming sensory experiences that a city can bring about. The book covers four main areas of city life: travel, eating out, entertainment and living.

"Through the eyes, ears, nose and mind of one autistic woman, Sensing the City takes us on a vividly described and detailed journey through urban landscapes. Sandra highlights many of the tiny elements that make autistic life both stressful and magical on a moment by moment basis."--Sarah Hendrickx, autistic adult and consultant

"This book makes it clear just how important sensory sensitivities can be to an autistic individual. Whilst these are usually seen in a negative light, the author stresses the positive aspects as well, and in doing so, follows in the footsteps of Temple Grandin and others."--Nick Chown, author of Understanding and Evaluating Autism Theory

176 pages. 2017

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