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Lee-Anne Gray

Self-Compassion for Teens:

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Self-compassion is the key for teens to develop empathy and manage self-criticism, while increasing resilience and well-being.

The first of its kind, this book brings together 129 actionable mindfulness and compassion-building tools for teens to reduce suffering and cultivate kindness for themselves and the world around them. Perfect for clinicians, educators and parents, this resource is filled with exercises, worksheets and activities to cope with:

- School challenges

- Bullying

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Autism


- Trauma

- Addiction

- Body image and eating disorders

- Gender and sexual identity

- Chronic and terminal illness

"An exquisite collection of powerful practices that parents, teachers and therapists can all share with teens in their lives."--Christopher Willard, PsyD, author of Growing Up Mindful

"Among the keys to self-compassion, Lee-Ann Gray teaches, are mindful awareness, inner strength, and self-regulation. In this succinct manual, parents, teachers and clinicians are guided to impart these and other essential qualities to young people. It is guidance sorely needed in our culture."--Gabor Maté, MD, author of Scattered: How Attention Deficit Disorder Originates And What You Can Do About It

"Self-Compassion for Teens provides a treasure trove of nurturing, compassionate activities for teens, professionals, and parents to help transform lives. Dr. Gray's clear, tender-hearted, and caring approach shows a depth of understanding critically needed in reaching the souls of our youth and making a real difference. An invaluable asset to every library."--Charlotte Reznick, PhD, author of The Power of Your Child's Imagination: How to Transform Stress and Anxiety into Joy and Success

"When offered by professionals with real personal experience with self-compassion, and when offered from the heart, the practices in this book can support teens in learning the skills of self-compassion. Ultimately this will free teens from the grips of what I fondly call Unkind Mind, and will allow them to thrive and bring their natural gifts in the world."--Amy Saltzman, MD, author of A Still Quiet Place for Teens

"Self-Compassion for Teens is a wonderful collection of practices and activities inspiring teens to treat themselves kindly. For teens dealing with anxiety, depression, ADHD, school challenges, and much more this book offers new insights that increase self-acceptance. What an important resource for clinicians, teachers, parents and teens to promote self-kindness, creativity, and empathy. -- Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD, author of Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined

Lee-Anne Gray, PsyD, is a clinical and forensic psychologist and P21 educator. She is a national speaker and expert in special education, mindful awareness, assessment, and gifted individuals, and is certified in EMDR. As the founder and CEO of The Connect Group, Dr. Gray co-founded and co-designed Empathic Education for a Compassionate Nation (EECN,) a democratic educational model, shaped with mindful awareness and Design Thinking practices.

236 pages. 2016

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