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Dianne Craft

Right Brain Phonics Reading Program

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A 20-minute-a-day program that turns word guessers into word readers.

If you have tried all the phonics games and done hundreds of phonics worksheets and your child still doesn't remember phonics sounds, your child needs this.... The Right Brain Phonics Program is an approach to reading that turns word guessers into word readers. Originally developed for children with dyslexia, this program can be done in as little as 20 minutes a day! The book comes with over 140 color pages, including 5 pages of instruction. Contains primary through intermediate words. Children who struggle with the process of learning to read usually have an auditory processing glitch. They have difficulty remembering the phonics sounds even after much review and phonics games. This is because the left hemisphere of the brain--which is supposed to store the sounds--is not doing the job that it should. Because of this problem these children often become "word guessers" when they read.

What is the difference between a right brain phonics program and left brain phonics? Most left brain phonics programs rely heavily on auditory memory for the phonics sounds. They may provide cards with the letter combination (au/aw) written on the front of the card with no picture. On the other side of the card is a picture that gives the sound of the letter combination. In this process, there is no velcro for the child with an auditory glitch. The Right Brain Phonics Program provides cards with the letter combination (au/aw) superimposed upon the picture that gives that sound. Because the sound and picture are on the same side of the card and is taught as a unit when the child sees a word with the letter combination (e.g., au/aw) on it the picture is retrieved along with the letters since they were stored as a unit. When a student sees the "au/aw" in a long word he can see in his mind's eye the picture behind the combination, helping him to easily retrieve the sound. Great for children with dyslexia.

150 pages. 2000

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