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JoEllen Cumpata and Susan Fell

Quest Program I: Social Skills Curriculum for Elementary School Students with Autism

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The QUEST program was developed to address the needs of elementary students with social skills and pragmatic language weaknesses.

Because these children benefit from regular instruction and practice, the program uses an intensive proactive approach to teach social skills by combining written instruction with games, experiential stories, and role play, which results in discussion, friendly feedback from peers, and realworld experience. Even when provided with an inclusive education in a general education setting, these students do not typically interpret social cues, nuances and rules of interaction in the same way as their peers, which is the reason the program maximizes generalization of skills both in and outside the classroom. The goals of the program are to help students gain a better understanding of human behavior and interaction and to provide opportunities to become familiar and comfortable with the social skills and pragmatic language necessary to be successful at school and in the community.

JoEllen Cumpata is currently a school-based speech language pathologist. She was formerly a clinical supervisor at Michigan State University, teaching classes related to providing school-based speech and language services. JoEllen also served as a clinical SLP at Massachusetts General Hospital and Children's Hospital of Boston, working with adults and children. JoEllen has a master's degree in speech language pathology.

Susan Fell has been a school social worker for 15 years working primarily at the middle school level with students with autism, emotional, and cognitive impairments. Prior to that, Susan was a vocational counselor, youth employment coordinator, and parenting educator. She earned her master's degree in social work from Arizona State University and her school social work certification from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

300 pages.

Catalog # 29201

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