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Lisa Combs

Push to Open

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Push to Open is a practical and simple guide to strategies which will help remove common barriers success for students with autism, while also benefiting many other students in the general education classroom.

Instead of being a reactive "first aid" approach to fixing problems after they occur, Push To Open is a proactive planning guide to help general education teachers understand the most critical characteristics of autism, and plan their classroom environment and teaching methods to avoid pitfalls that can occur around sensory, communication, social and instructional issues. The universal design perspective helps teachers understand which strategies can have the biggest bang for the buck in terms of energy and effort required for implementation and broadest impact on the most students, including those with autism. In this age of accountability for every student to access, make progress, and show value added through their learning in the general curriculum, Push To Open provides no-nonsense, guidance to make life easier and outcomes better for teachers and students.

"This book is going to be popular with classroom teachers who are increasingly serving students with ASD. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the book is that it demonstrates how helping such students will help all students, the idea embodied in the concept of universal design for learning that has gained prominence in recent years.--Shirley Cohen, PhD, professor emeritus, Hunter College; author and editor, Everyday Classroom Strategies and Practices for Supporting Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders and The ASD NEST Model.

"With the growing number of students with ASD in the classroom, general education teachers, intervention specialists, and paraprofessionals will all benefit from the practical wisdom of Push to Open. Whether you are a new teacher looking for answers or an experienced teacher looking to reflect on your current classroom, Push to Open provides a framework for implementing best practices for students with ASD.--Allison Officer, MsEd, intervention specialist, Mad River Local Schools

Lisa Combs has 27 years of experience in the field of special education. She has taught students with a wide range of disabilities in both self contained and inclusive settings. She has supervised regional special education programs, taught at the university level, and has provided consultation and training for school personnel, public and private agencies, and families. Combs received a bachelor's degree and am MA in special education from Ball State University, and has done additional graduate work in educational supervision through the University of Dayton, and in behavioral interventions for autism through the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. The autism coaching program she supervises has been recognized by the Ohio Department of Education's Office for Exceptional Children as a model for building the capacity of educators to serve students with autism. .

158 pages. 2014

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