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Judy Endow

Paper Words

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Catalog No. 26306

Catch a rare glimpse of life as seen and experienced by a person on the autism spectrum.

In this intensely personal book, readers are swept up into a fast-paced journey of how Judy noticed her differences early on, how she eventually discovered her autism, and how she embraces life autistically. From her troubled teenage years in a state institution where her coping behaviors were interpreted as defiant and oppositional, to her years in a Christian community, where once again her behaviors were misunderstood, to a brief marriage and the birth of her three sons, Judy has emerged as a strong voice on the autism spectrum. Beyond presenting a fascinating journey of resilience, courage, hard work, and sheer will power, Paper Words shows visually on the printed page how Judy, a highly visual thinker, translates her thoughts into words.

180 pages. 2009

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