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Shelly Peterman Schwarz and Nancy McKinney

Organizing Your IEP's

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The objective or Organizing Your IEP's is to provide a format for scheduling and implementing your IEPs.

As instructors you've become increasingly swamped with IEP-related paperwork often putting you in the awkward situation of not having adequate time to do what you were hired to do--TEACH to the student's IEP.

Author Shelley Peterman Schwarz and professional office organizer Nancy McKinney have collaborated on a book that will help you take back control of the IEP organizational process and will allow you to spend your primary time actually teaching to student IEPs. It includes sections on organizing your paperwork, collecting data, tracking annual IEPs and three-year reevaluations, and organizing an electronic file system.

Includes a Win/Mac CD with a printable PDF that contains all the reproducibles in the book.

98 pages. 2005

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