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Joleen Higgin and Laurie Shea

On The Same Page

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What you want for your children is the same thing that all parents and teachers want--to connect, to communicate, and guide.

Sometimes this seems almost impossible. And if your child is diagnosed with any of the following, your task can be especially difficult:

... ADD: Attention Deficit Disorder

... PDD-NOS: Pervasive Development Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified

... HFA/AS: High-Functioning Autism / Asperger's syndrome

... NLD: Non-verbal Learning Disabilities

On the Same Page! is written for children ages three to eight, and comes from many years of experience in successfully teaching children, who for one reason or another have problems socializing, learning, or communicating. These children too have a lifetime of potential ahead of them, if they can only find a way to connect and express themselves appropriately. Practical methods give you potent tools and strategies to open a channel of real, effective, communication. We have seen powerful results happen with children, parents, and teachers--all because everyone involved learned how to "get on the same page." Together, on the same page, we can begin to understand each other. We can then respond appropriately to meet your child's needs. It begins with listening. And since we are the adults "on the page," we must learn to communicate at our child's level; we should not expect them to understand "our language."

The authors found is that your child's needs are primarily centered around their challenges in:

... Developing social skills

... Making and keeping friends

... Solving social problems, on their own

... Developing self esteem

... Overcoming shyness

You'll find:

... Teaching pages stating the purpose of each lesson and recommended activities.

... Colorful story boards designed to help capture the children's attention and visually present each concept.

... Flashcards, which reinforce concepts presented in the book.

... A reading list of children's books we use to introduce and reinforce each concept.

Anyone can learn these simple techniques, and have a significant influence on their child's behavior and success. Just open the book and begin the journey. On the Same Page! is a workbook--a curriculum for living--and its lessons will last. It is over 100 pages of concepts, lessons, and activities that you use with your child, and progress at your own rate. Teachers can use it as a lesson plan, very effectively -- as we do. Parents can read the book with their children and use it as a teaching guide -- many children make it their own and read it like a bedtime story. The book uses visual metaphors that are fun for your child to learn. You learn to use the accompanying flash cards to represent your ideas to your child, instead of verbally expressing your thoughts. Your child will respond quickly and eagerly because you are talking to them now in a language that they understand far better than your words alone. Sometimes just getting your child's attention seems impossible, but the flash cards always work because they are fun, colorful pictures and they become almost like a game. The lessons are fun and easy and yet they express deep ideas that are often difficult for your child to grasp in words alone. But the pictures draw them in, help them remember, and make the whole process fun. In the back of the book are other resources, including some excellent story books, that will also help reinforce the lessons.

Joleen Higgin is a speech and language therapist who has been working in the public school system for over 30 years.

Laurie Shea is a paraprofessional who has been working in the public school system for the past 6 years.

"This lovely, visually-based, practical book provides a range of lessons to help our students with social learning challenges explore abstract concepts in concrete ways. Parents, teachers and paraprofessionals will find this book a useful tool for our early elementary school-aged students."--Michelle Garcia Winner, MA, CCC, International Speaker, Speech/Language Pathologist

100 pages. 2008

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