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Wenn Lawson. Foreword by Carol Povey

Older Adults and Autism Spectrum Conditions

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Catalog No. 29182

Packed with practical advice, this is the first book to address the challenges facing older people with autism.

With first-hand stories and drawing on the latest research, it will help to support older adults with autism through lifestyle changes as well as physical and sensory challenges post-retirement.

Informed by current research, interviews with older people diagnosed with ASC and his own experience, the author covers a multitude of issues including dealing with transitions and changes to routine, communicating an individual's particular needs and wishes to care home staff, the social and financial impact of retirement, mental health, and sensory and physical changes and challenges.

Older people with ASC and their family and friends, as well as the professionals supporting them, will find this an indispensable and accessible book.

"Wenn Lawson is a gifted investigative writer, who masterfully weaves research with narratives and pragmatism. This is a talent particularly well used in Older Adults and Autism Spectrum Conditions. Thanks goes to Lawson for providing a comprehensive and very handy book that eases the concerns and uncertainties that typically circle aging and autism." Liane Holliday Willey, author of Safety Skills for Asperger Women and Pretending to be Normal

"We need a map for the uncharted territory of aging and autism. Parents, professionals and especially those who have an autism spectrum condition, will now be able to navigate through this territory, absorbing the clear explanations, rationale and wise advice, and be better prepared for the future." Tony Attwood, PhD, clinical psychologist and author of The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome

"A visionary, intelligent and compassionate book. Wenn Lawson's understanding of autism is firmly based on a lifetime of personal experience on the spectrum and years of academic scholarship. His book should be on the shelf of anyone interested in ageing, autism and the distinctive needs of each one of us. There is a long way yet to go in this field...Dr Lawson once again clearly and thoughtfully points us in the right direction. Future generations will look back and say, 'He was a pioneer.'" Paul Jennings, Author

Wenn B. Lawson PhD, CPsychol, is a lecturer and author. Since being diagnosed with autism in 1994, Wenn is passionately committed to campaigning for the rights of people on the autism spectrum.

208 pages. 2015

Catalog # 29182

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