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Manuel Rodriguez, Daniel Sundberg and Shannon Biagi

OBM Applied! Volume 3 - Making a Positive Difference

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The idea behind OBM Applied! is to learn by doing.

The goal of this series is to provide tools, procedures, and exercises that can be adapted to help you meet the performance improvement needs of any organization, from human service settings and schools to companies of any size.

Volume 3 includes:

... Chapter 5 Engaging the Doers -- Learn how to engage the people who have the greatest direct impact related to your business opportunity and get them performing in the way that will produce results.

... Chapter 6 Evaluating the Data -- Covers how to engage your stakeholders using data, who should look at the data, and how to interpret data to make decisions.

... Chapter 7 Sustainability --Describes what elements are needed to sustain project gains. A successful project is one that sustains after the OBM practitioner has stepped away, because it is now part of the company's culture.

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96 pages. 2016

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