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Norman Kunc and Emma Van der Klift

Norm Kunc: A Credo for Support (DVD)

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This powerful 5-minute DVD set to music offers a series of suggestions for people who care about and support someone with a disability.

It prompts viewers to question the common perceptions of disability, professionalism, and support. Designed for use in presentations, in service, staff training, and orientation programs, this video can be a provocative catalyst for a dialogue on these issues.

This version has Spanish, English, Japanese, music only, AND a special version made with the participation of People First in San Luis Obispo, California (whose members voiced it in 2005)--all five versions on the same DVD!

"You know how, when you're driving past a plantation of trees, they all appear as an undifferentiated mass until you reach a certain point, and then they all line up perfectly in rows and you can see the pattern?

That's the point you reach when you hear Norm and Emma. You have the eerie feeling that someone has put their hand into your head, and adjusted your persepective ever so slightly, and now everything is clear and obvious."--Jeff Cohen, Principal, Herzlia High School (Cape Town, South Africa)

Each version is approximately 5 minutes. 2005

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