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Valerie Pankow. Illustrated by Gwen Connelly

No Bigger than My Teddy Bear. Second edition

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"Having a baby in the NICU can be a very stressful time for any parent, but what is often overlooked is just how stressful it can be to a sibling.

Valerie Pankow's book, No Bigger Than My Teddy Bear can be just the tool to help an older brother or sister through such a trying time. With simple, straight forward language, Pankow describes the NICU experience as seen through the eyes of a new big brother. From his sibling's premature birth through to the homecoming, the overwhelming sights and sounds of the NICU are translated into terms that any child can understand. Coming full circle, this book could also be useful in explaining to an older preemie what life was like in his/her earliest days. Altogether, No Bigger Than My Teddy Bear can be a gentle comfort for parents, siblings and even preemies themselves. It is a fine addition to any preemie parent's library."--Preemie Magazine

32 pages. 2004

32 pages. 2004

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