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Charlotte Reznick

The Nine Foundation Tools

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The Nine Foundation Tools CD forms the basis of the Imagery For Kids program.

It is the cornerstone for your child accessing inner wisdom and learning skills to handle's life's everyday challenges. From Dr. Charlotte Reznick's acclaimed book, The Power of Your Child's Imagination: How to Transform Stress and Anxiety into Joy and Success, Dr. Reznick combines relaxation techniques with gentle music and verbal suggestions to awaken the power of children's imagination and connect with their own natural strengths and confidence. (Ages 5 to 105)

With The Nine Foundation Tools you & your child can:

... Relax

... Reduce Stress

... Expand Creativity

... Enhance Self-Esteem

... Meet Personal Guides

... Develop Inner Confidence

... Learn to Create Goals and Achieve Success

From the book, The Power of Your Child's Imagination: How to Transform Stress and Anxiety into Joy and Success, "The Nine Foundation Tools" shares the basis for Dr. Reznick's Imagery for Kids䋢 program in helping children develop their inner resources to successfully face challenges in the 21st Century.

CD contains separate tracks:

1. The Balloon Breath (3:36)

2. Special Place Sanctuary (4:55)

3. Meeting Your Animal Friend (4:08)

4. Encountering Your Personal Wizard (4:56)

5. Receiving Gifts (4:14)

6. Checking in with Heart and Belly (5:06)

7. Where Do You Keep Your Feelings? (5:29)

8. Using Color for Healing (4:29)

9. Energy Self-Care for Kids (4:08)

"It was a privilege to listen to Dr. Charlotte Reznick's "The Nine Foundation Tools", Imagery for kids. The CD is thoughtfully structured to build Imagery skills with children."--Linda Sleeter, board certified holistic nurse, Imagery International

"I have to tell you that of all the childrens' meditation CDs I have heard, yours are the best. Your music background is great and your voice is wonderful too. Thanks for doing such a great job."--Linda Damon, PhD, clinical psychologist

Charlotte Reznick, PhD, a nationally recognized child educational psychologist and associate clinical professor of psychology at UCLA, created Imagery for Kids: Breakthrough for Learning, Creativity, and Empowerment, which she has used with thousands of children, parents, and professionals for more than twenty-five years. Reznick is a consultant, counselor, and healer, and maintains a private practice in Los Angeles, California.

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