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Ken Kolwicz

A New Teacher's Survival Guide

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Success for new teachers is determined by many factors--only some of which are taught in college.

Schools of education do a great job in preparing new teachers in the areas of curriculum and instruction. However, schools of higher learning often do not prepare teachers for many of the common pitfalls that sometimes arise in their first year or two of teaching. How do new teachers handle difficult parents? How do they establish positive rules and discipline? How do they control their emotions and not take things too personally or get easily frustrated? How do they supervise their paraeducator?

This reference guide provides a common sense and practical approach to address the many challenges facing new teachers. It is packed with strategies that, if followed, will help new teachers negotiate and/or avoid the pitfalls that can lead to problems in their workplace.

A valuable tool for Directors of Human Resources and other administrators responsible for the orientation and training of new teachers.

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