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Debbie Glasser and Emily Schenck

New Kid New Scene

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Starting out as the new kid in a new school can be like performing as an extra in a movie. Kids can feel alone, pushed to the side, and unsure of where they could possibly fit in or if there is a place for them.

New Kid, New Scene gives kids the ins and outs of navigating new surroundings, making new friends (as well as staying in touch with old ones), and finding a place that feels like their own.

It is full of real-life stories from kids who have the same experience--facing a new school and new life and how they were able to survive and even thrive in their new environment. It is packed with useful advice and questions for kids when they are worried or upset and it shows them that they are a star in this new change in their life and not just an extra.

Bulleted lists, quizzes, and notebook and movie script sidebars add details, and the eye-catching layout will keep students flipping through the pages.--School Library Journal

Moving or changing schools can be a lot to handle especially during the tween and teen years. Through interviews with teens with varying experiences, Dr. Glasser and her daughter poignantly capture the feelings of new kids in a voice that resonates with young readers. But more than that they offer hands on activities and expert advice to successfully navigate the many changes a move can bring.--Susan K. Dandes, PhD, Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

112 pages. 2011

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