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Anat Baniel

NeuroMovement for Healthy Breathing (DVD)

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Breathe more freely and become energized and enlivened with NeuroMovement for Healthy Breathing.

Through the Anat Baniel Method and NeuroMovement, tap into the remarkable ability of your brain to create new patterns and possibilities and reach new levels of well-being and vitality in body and mind.

With this program, you will learn different ways to breathe well. Your brain will learn to organize your movements so that your breathing will happen spontaneously and fully.

The program includes six 30-minute NeuroMovement video lessons.

Breathing fully and easily will calm you down, give you the energy you need to move, and help you think more clearly and creatively. You will gain the freedom to change how you breathe as you change what you do, what you feel, and what you think; as you increase your level of exertion; and as your emotional state shifts.

For best results, we recommend that you complete the first three programs of our 4-part series NeuroMovement for Whole Brain & Body Fitness video programs before doing this one. NeuroMovement for Healthy Breathing is number 4 in this series.

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