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Anat Baniel

NeuroMovement for Children with Special Needs 2-Day Workshop (DVD)

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This NeuroMovement for Children With Special Needs 2-Day Workshop includes 10 hours of intervention-related exercises for special needs children, along with lectures, Q & A's, and demonstrations.

In this LIVE recorded workshop taught by Anat Baniel, you will learn:

... Innovative NeuroMovement sequences that immediately rewire your brain and will do the same for your child's brain.

... Gentle hands-on techniques that will help form new neural patterns that your child is lacking.

... Effective new ways of interacting with your child that will promote learning.

... Some of the Essentials that the brain requires in order to successfully organize your child's actions--physical, mental, and emotional.

Enhance your own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being in the process. There are 3 Transformational Movement Lessons℠; 2 live demonstrations with an eight-week-old infant and a two-year-old boy followed by discussion; 4 lectures introducing some of the Essentials the brain requires to be able to do its job successfully; 2 Q & A sessions; and 1 hands-on demonstration and practice.Anat Baniel Method for Children With Special Needs 2 Day Workshop...10 hours of special needs children intervention related exercises, lectures and demos on DVD.

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