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Nevill Cramer

Montecito Boy

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Montecito Boy is a memoir of growing up in a colorful suburb of Santa Barbara, California.

"It was my intent," says the author, "to write a lighthearted, entertaining story what would be both an account of a privileged childhood in one of the most delightful places on earth and at the same time a series of vignettes of my family members who were too special to be forgotten." Nevill Cramer has succeeded wonderfully as he recalls the clever, impertinent and iconoclastic boy he was, grandson of an authentic American plutocrat, among a large and in-ter-est-ing family as his Aunt Louie was once to call it. Cramer opens wide a nostalgic portal into the special time and place in which he grew upexclusive Montecito, next to Santa Barbara, California, and the colorful and high-living 1920s and 30s and he is very funny, funny-on-every-page funny, as he does so.

Through its East Valley Press imprint, Special Needs Project is the publisher of this revised edition.

"Montecito Boy is a book drenched in magic: people, events, names, voices, and places, most from the Montecito of the 1920s and '30s, through a miracle of reminiscence spring back to life in these fascinating pages. Nevill Cramer is clearly incapable of writing an unentertaining page. It's a family saga, abounding in characters who are both idiosyncratic and typical of their time; yet it evokes a wider world, one that ranges from Paris to Boston to Chicago...to Montecito."--Donald Pearce, Professor Emeritus of English, University of California at Santa Barbara.

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