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Barbara Neiman

Mindfulness and Yoga Skills for Children and Adolescents

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New and unique exercises in yoga, meditation, guided imagery and somatic explorations fill this comprehensive skills guide.

This book is brimming with practical and easy to use tools and stories supporting critical life skills for families, classrooms and therapy sessions.

Holistic strategies include:

-Meditation to support body-mind-spirit connection

-Yoga pose adaptations for Autism, sensory processing & special needs

-Trauma sensitive and grounding guided imagery

-Parenting tools to tune to our somatic self and enjoy silence and nature

-Designing a personal mantra and contemplation

-Classroom interventions for building life skills

Barbara Neiman , OTR, is an integrative occupational therapist, Yoga Teacher 200RYT in Embodyogaå¨, a coach for professionals seeking a holistic practice and a national seminar presenter. She teaches courses on yoga and mindfulness around the country. She founded her company, Health Discovery to provide services for infants through school age children. As a Certified Practitioner of Body Mind Centeringå¨ since 1989, Barbara has taught experiential hands on, movement, and meditation classes.

128 pages. 2015

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