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Robert Skead and Mike Simmel

Mighty Mike Bounces Back

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Mighty Mike didn't know how mighty he was...until the day his dad brought home a basketball.

Mike has epilepsy. He worries about having seizures at school and being different from his friends. But when he starts playing basketball, Mike uncovers a positive way to calm his mind, improve his health, and bounce back from adversity.

Included is an extensive, kid-friendly resource section with information on handling seizures, feeling different, and living with worry that may come with epilepsy.

Robert Skead is the author of several popular sports books for children. When he's not crafting stories, Robert can often be found at schools speaking with children and adults about creative writing and the importance of discovering one's talents for a fulfilled life. Through these author visits, Robert speaks to more than 5,000 students per year. He lives with his wife and family in New Jersey.

Mike "Mighty Mike" Simmel is a professional show basketball player with the Harlem Wizards and a featured performer at halftime shows, camps, and school assemblies throughout the country. He is also one of three million Americans living with epilepsy. Mike serves as a national spokesperson for epilepsy awareness and speaks on behalf of the Epilepsy Foundation of America and its affiliates at many events and youth camps across the country. He is the founder of the Bounce Out the Stigma Project, Inc, a non-profit that runs summer basketball camps for children with special needs.

80 pages. 2011

Grades 3-5

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