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Natalie Hale

Managing My Money

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Learning to manage money is one of the most important skills needed to achieve independent living for teens and adults with Down syndrome, autism, and other intellectual disabilities.

Managing My Money offers plenty of encouragement, clear instructions broken down into small steps, practice opportunities, color-coded forms, and large scale graphics to make abstract money managing concepts concrete. Anyone whose math and writing skills are at a first-grade level or higher can follow the lessons in this workbook, assisted by parents or other adults, and aided by a calculator.

Readers of Managing My Money will learn to:

. Keep Records: a unique, color-coded method helps readers record payment and deposit transactions on a ledger form; compute the account balance on a checkbook-like balance sheet;

. Keep a Budget: distinguish between expenses that are needs vs. desires; appreciate the benefits of saving;

. Keep a Checking Account: open an account; write checks; use a color-coded check register to record deposits, checks, and ATM withdrawals; make deposits; balance the account.

Parents, educators, transition specialists, and life skills coaches can consult the teacher pages that face student lesson pages for specific suggestions and tips, and then flip them under, out of sight, to prevent distraction. Use the handy CD-ROM to print out more forms when the reader has completed what's provided in the book. Managing My Money is an upbeat teaching tool that will ensure mastery of basic money management skills for teens and adults with special needs preparing to live on their own, as well as for older adults who need a refresher course.

Natalie Hale is a reading consultant and the founder of the early reading program, Special Reads for Special Needs, and is the parent of an adult with Down syndrome and AD/HD. Providing needed learning tools for the special needs population is her focus; with this book, basic money management skills are the targets. Not coincidentally, she lives in California, where budgeting is essential!

"This book is a great tool for teaching students with developmental disabilities about money. Written for the students themselves (with additional material for the teacher or helper), it is very user-friendly with large type, plenty of white space, and color-coded forms. MANAGING MY MONEY focuses on one of the most important factors that keep students with developmental disabilities from living independently."--DeAnna Horstmeier, PhD, author, Teaching Math to People with Down Syndrome and Other Hands-on Learners, Books One and Two

"This book is highly recommended for consumer health libraries that maintain a special needs section, and would serve as a useful tool to educators, parents and children in order to better equip them for the financial challenges that they will face. Of special note is that the colorful examples help to make concrete the often difficult world of abstract numbers.--CAPHIS Consumer Connections

Award-Winning Finalist in the Young Adult/Non-Fiction category of the USA Best Books 2011 Awards, sponsored by USA Book News

144 pages. CD-ROM included, 2010

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