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K.I. Al-Ghani and Lynda Kenward

Making the Move

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The transition from primary to secondary school is a time of great anxiety for most children.

For children with an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) this anxiety can be overwhelming. Fear of the unknown, difficulty coping with monumental changes and the inability to imagine a favorable outcome, can all combine to make this unavoidable step in school life a time of great fear and dread. This book provides guidance for schools and parents on how to make the transfer from primary to secondary as easy as possible for children with ASD's. The book advocates the need for scrupulous preparation of transfer arrangements because children with ASD's struggle to predict the outcome of any new situation. No matter how much discussion has taken place, it is only when the situation has been experienced first hand that they will have a real understanding of it and be able to build up a 'real life memory bank' (RLMB). The authors' advice aims to ensure that any preparations lead to a favorable outcome, in order to build a positive RLMB. The book outlines term by term preparation in the final years of primary school and includes photocopiable resources and a "Moving to Secondary School" booklet. As most children with ASD's are visual learners and think in pictures, the booklet uses symbols to aid understanding. "Making the Move" provides a wealth of effective strategies and resources that will encourage and inspire greater confidence for pupils with ASD's, parents and schools.

96 pages. 2009

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